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Software Development Process

1. Overview

The software development process is a prescribed ordering of activities governed by guidelines and structured by templates and tools that produce a product in a consistently repeatable manner. This software development process describes the activities that constitute the full lifecycle of software development iteration. The end result of this process is a product that is deployed to customer (Internal or external). The entire software development lifecycle described by this software development process is executed for each release of the product. Each new release accretes function and refinement as this software development process is executed again and again for each iteration. Each iteration builds on the artifacts of the previous iteration.

2. Purpose

This document elaborates the process followed at Velosi Asset Integrity Limited for the development of software. It describes the actions carried out at each step and the actors involved in the process. It also describes the documents generated at each step of the process.

3. Decomposing the Software Development Process

The software development process typically requires the involvement of several different experts who are able to address specific development requirements more precisely. Depending on the size of the application and the actors involved in the development process, building an application may be an intricate undertaking, exposed to a variety of risks that might compromise the success of the final application. In order to control the software development process, it is thus of fundamental importance to understand its constituent activities, its actors, and their interconnections.

3.1. Activities in Software Development

A Combination of Waterfall Model and Incremental model are followed for the software development process. The Flow chart below describes the activities in the Software development Process.