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Rig Inspection and Commissioning Services

With the increased focus on operators to limit their exposure to health, safety and environmental risks, it is important that all areas of their operations are now part of a controlled process. One such area is the compliance of drilling and well control equipment. The drilling industry has developed its own specifications under the umbrella of API (American Petroleum Institute) and specifications have been drawn up that are applicable to land and offshore drilling installations.

VELOSI can provide support for this essential service by inspection to API, IADC, IMCA, IEEE & Modu standards. Our excellent reputation with major operators and drilling contractors demonstrates our high-quality, comprehensive services that are typically for a lower cost than the overhead of maintaining an in-house inspection department. We are often used as independent condition surveyors when rigs are sold or purchased, on and off hire surveys and at the beginning or conclusion of rig management contracts.

Rig Inspection Services

Rig owners engage VELOSI to conduct yearly surveys on their facilities to ensure capital equipment is managed and operated at the required standard. We believe we deliver a cost effective, professional service that is totally committed to maintaining the exacting standards of the oil & gas industry.

In summary, VELOSI can provide the following:

Rig Selection Inspections
Rig Acceptance Inspections
Rig Condition Surveys
Safety Inspections
Well Control Equipment Inspections
Commissioning Services
Preventive Maintenance Systems
Maintenance Management Services
Marine Equipment Condition Surveys and Acceptance Inspections
Independent Maintenance Quality Audit Services
Special Equipment Surveys

We are also actively engaged in a high volume of work in:

Technical surveys for conversion and refurbishment
Feasibility studies for FSO and FPSO’s
Shipyard evaluations and vendor inspections
Dynamic Positioning Audits
Commissioning supervision
Project specification documentation
Auditing of drilling units both for marine and onshore applications
Pre-Engineering services for construction, upgrading and repair
Commissioning and Mechanical completion documentation
On site construction supervision
Post refurbishment trials and testing
Maintenance management reviews

Rig Commissioning Services

VELOSI’s Rig Commissioning Services provide a commissioning plan that is an accountable, verified system, to ensure that the unit’s equipment and systems will perform as intended during its operations, and continue to function in a safe and reliable manner over its determined lifespan.

Commissioning & Pre-Commissioning:

Provide a method to properly manage the installation of equipment in an organized, safe and efficient manner
Provide a method for recording & documenting the installation and start up of equipment and systems
Demonstrate that the installed equipment and structures meet contractual, operational and regulatory obligations
Contribute to the knowledge of the personnel in the operation and maintenance of the equipment

The final result will; Ensure that systems and equipment:

Are installed with proper certification
Have been inspected at regular intervals during manufacturing
Are appropriately function and load tested
Will operate safely and reliably for the duration of its intended purpose

Provide benefits in:

Early detection of quality problems on equipment and systems or discrepancies in meeting the required specifications thus preventing project delays and avoiding start-up problems when the installation is initially located to its principal area of operation
Identifying and rectifying all potential problems prior to the installation leaving the shipyard; otherwise these problems may lead to expensive downtime and make the unit inoperable for extensive periods of time
Avoiding costly guarantee claims for the owners when expensive corrective actions are required on an offshore location to remedy defects