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Pressure System Safety Regulations

Thereare some Common misconceptions of the PSSR SI 128 -Pressure System Safety Regulations:

Often you hear owners refer to their need for an insurance inspection. This is a myth, which, although not propagated by the insurances companies, they make no effort to dispel. What owners / users actually require is compliance to the PSSR and a Written Scheme of Examination.

Unless you specifically request your maintenance company to cover the PSSR, it is unlikely theywill. The maintenance is a separateissue, commonlyoffered by the equipment supplier, who is not usually set up, or willing, to act as a Competent Person as defined by the PSSR.

The ultimateresponsibility for the safety of the equipment, and the compliance to the PSSR, is not with the insurance company or the inspection company. It rests with the owner / user of the equipment. Commonly though, other people can be affected such as the designer, manufacture, and Competent Person. Should something go wrong, the HSE would prosecute the owner / user first.

The PSSR predecessor, the Pressure Systems & Transportable Gas Containers Regulations, used to define periodicity of inspection. However, the PSSR does not impose fixed periodicity. They are left entirely to the discretion of the Competent Person and the owner /user. This allows the Competent Person to take into account all relevant factors regarding the condition of the equipment and set an appropriate inspection period.

The PSSR are purely a UK regulation and have nothing to do with Europe. The PED / PER apply to the new construction and putting into service of equipment. The PSSR are concerned with the in-service aspects of the equipment.